Saturday, May 22, 2010

Matthew's trash robot FF-300

Matthew finally got to bring his trash robot home from school! I have been waiting so long for him to bring it home so I could get some pictures of it. They made these robots out of "trash" in art class way back before Christmas. The kids all had to bring in plastic bottles, old cd's , etc. to make them with. They only had two class periods to get them done in and Matthew was sick on the first day of it. He told me he had made his into a firefighter and it's name was FF-300. Before Christmas the teacher entered them into a contest with other schools where the top prize was a gift card from Radio Shack. Matthew's robot came in 5th. Then they went on display at an area restaurant and finally FF- 300 went to an area art show where 3 schools participated and he came home with the 3rd place ribbon. He spent the last month of the school year in the trophy case at school along with the other winners. Now FF-300 makes his home on the top shelf of the book case where we can admire Matthew's handy work!