Thursday, September 24, 2009

MSW 1 hour sketch challenge

I thought I would share the layout I did for the 1 hour sketch challenge over at My sketch world last Saturday night. I got the layout done in the hour, but since we have wonderful dial up it took me longer to get it uploaded than it took me to make it! And for that reason I have decided to go back to one blog until we are blessed with high speed internet. I have enough trouble keeping up with one blog - and since it seems I never have time to scrapbook or when I do I'm trying to finish up Marilyn's album - I figured I would just post them on here again. Anyway... I just love how this layout turned out. I knew I wanted to use this picture of Shane that I took one evening after he had finished "watering the flowers". I just loved this picture of him and decided to look through my older paper to see if I could see something that matched it. When I found this old Sweetwater paper I knew it would be perfect for this picture. The green paper just says it all - "I am beautiful just the way I am...I am valuable to this world...I am happy in this world..." you get the picture. So I must say that I am so glad that I participated in this challenge, I got to scrap a picture that I love and use up some of my old stash! This weekend they are having a scrap pink crop and going to have challenges, and such. I think I may have to pop in now and then to see what I can get done!

The hot dog dance!

So, we've got a new morning ritual... we have to do the hot dog dance with Mickey and the gang on Mickey's Clubhouse. Shane channel surfs until 5 minutes before Mickey goes off and then he starts saying, "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog!" We all stop what we're doing (except Matthew - he's too cool to do the dance!) to go do the hot dog dance. Shane does his best to imitate Goofy's dance ( it's the funniest thing I have ever seen! The pictures just do not show how he gets into it!) Scott imitates Mickey and mine is a cross of Daisy and Minnie. I must say it's a good way to start the day and get the blood to pumpin'. Scott and I are usually worn out before the song is over!! We love to do the hot dog dance!

Abby's birthday

Okay, can somebody tell me where the time went?! It just seems like yesterday that it was labor day weekend and we were celebrating Abby's birthday and now the month is almost gone! This was the first year that she wasn't at home on the day of her birthday, so we celebrated the weekend before. She (of course) knew what she was getting for the most part, but I was able to surprise her with the True Blood shirt she wanted! We had cake and ice cream for the family and just plain enjoyed getting together. It seems like we don't get to do that much anymore. Any way, Happy Birthday, Abby, and I hope your year is filled with lots of great things!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

0 cavities for the Shanester!!

Shane had his first dentist appointment in almost 2 years yesterday. We took him to a new dentist and finally found out what was going on with his teeth. (His last dentist never actually talked to us about his teeth - if anything had to be said it went through one of his assistants so we never knew if his teeth were in good shape, coming in right, etc.) His new dentist and her assistants are so nice and they did everything possible to make it a good experience for Shane. Come to find out Shane did not have a single cavity and they said his teeth look really good and he has plenty of room in the back for his permanent teeth to come in. They said the only thing they saw that was of any concern was some wear on some of his teeth from him grinding them when he sleeps. But that was mostly on his baby teeth and we haven't really noticed him grinding his teeth as much lately. We were so happy that he did so well and that he didn't have a single cavity!! Woohoo!