Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Shanester is a Superstar!!!

On Friday we got a phone call from Shane when he was practicing his phone number at school. After he finished talking, Mrs. Huckaby got on the phone and asked us if we would bring Shane to the alumini basketball game on Saturday night so he could shoot hoops at half time. Of course Scott said yes that we would love to see him on the court shootin' baskets. At first I was so excited for him and then the nerves set in. Would the crowd and the noise be too much? Would he go on the floor willingly? Would he come off the floor without a crying fit??? Why oh why do I worry so much about my Shaner? I guess that's one of the good things about autism - at least with Shane - nothing seems to bother him and he never gets nervous about anything or at least he never shows it. Sure he may have an outburst when things don't go just his way, but only when he's frustrated or doesn't understand what's going on.
Well, Saturday night rolls around and he seems pretty excited to be seeing a basketball game. The women were warming up and it was almost too much excitement for him seeing all the balls going towards the basket. His teachers, Miss Stokes and Mrs. Huckaby were both playing. Mrs. McBride, Mrs. Bailey, and Mrs. Caffey were all there too, and they were all wishing him good luck. At half time they announced Shane and another little boy as the entertainment. When Miss Stokes came over to get Shane, he just hopped right up and took off for the floor. The music started and the crowd was loud. Shane wasn't sure about the noise, but if there is one thing that he is comfortable with, it's basketball. He got his shot down and rarely missed. He enjoyed the crowd cheering and just had a blast! He did not fuss at all when it was time to get off the court, either. In between games he got a little upset, so Miss Stokes took him back out on the court and he made every basket. It was such a fun night and afterwards everyone was telling him what a good job he did and I'm sure he felt like a superstar!
Here are a few of the better pictures I got. For the most part they were a little fuzzy, but these weren't so bad.

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