Monday, August 16, 2010

No caffeine + the mention of school = a bad day!

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that Shane is addicted to soda. If Shane had his way he would drink soda from the time he gets up of a morning until he goes to bed at night.And he wants the real stuff! No diet or caffeine free for this guy. We have tried really hard this summer to cut back on his soda intake. His dentist has told us that he has a bit of acid reflux - (Yikes!) and he got to where he was belching and sounding like he was going to throw up in the process (I'm sure thanks to the acid reflux) so our mission this summer has been to cut down to only one a day and eventually none. Abby has done really well with flat out telling him no. And he has gotten to where he will ask for milk or water (that's definitely the last resort for him!) instead of soda. Well let me tell you, we found out late Sunday morning just how cranky this guy can be when he's not had his soda and you mention - heaven forbid - the word school. I have never seen such a sight! We gave him a little bit of soda, he headed to his room and came out a completely different, happy boy. It's always an adventure with Shane!

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  1. Oh dear...what a picture, the sort to show his girlfriend when he grows up!! Will you be scrapbooking that one? :D