Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just a quick update

Time has really gotten away from me! I just can't seem to get it together lately. I am having a really hard time getting used to Scott's new job. This never knowing when he is going to have a day off until the Thursday before the new week is hard! When you're used to a Monday through Friday work week - knowing he has every weekend off and then changing to him working every weekend and a day or two during the's hard to get used to. Especially when you're a family that needs to stick to a routine! Maybe before long it will all click.

Lots has happened over the past couple of months. Baby Collin (my great nephew) arrived the day before Thanksgiving. We decided to put off our Thanksgiving dinner at Mom's until Saturday when everyone could be there. This allowed us to have Thanksgiving day with Scott's side of the family. It has been years since all the aunts and cousins came down for Thanksgiving and it was so nice to see everyone again.

Next up was Shane's Christmas concert at school. He wasn't none too happy to get there, but by the time the classes came into the gym, he had settled down. Once again he didn't sing, but he did stand quietly and even got a little excited a time or two. It is always so nice to see him taking part with his classmates.

Abby's last final was on Dec. 16. She was really glad to get this semester over with. It had been a pretty stressful semester. She was dreading seeing what her final grades were because of the way her history professor did his grading. As it turns out, when she got her final grades she once again had all A's and maintained her 4.0! She was ecstatic to say the least.

Matthew had a big science project due at the end of the semester. He partnered up with Lane for it and it was called the Rube/Goldberg project - I think. Kind of a domino effect sort of thing. They had to make sure and have at least 6 steps in it, it had to last for at least 10 seconds, and it had to be video taped. It took them 2 weekends of working on it to get it done. When the teacher seen the video he was so pleased he asked if he could keep it to show as an example to future classes! They got a perfect 100 out of 100 on this project. Way to go, boys!

Christmas eve was spent at Mom and Dad's. We had lots of good food and a really fun white elephant sort of gift exchange. I had to open 3 presents before I finally got to keep what I opened. I came home with the softest and warmest throw along with a yummy smelling candle.
Christmas morning we got up early and opened presents before going to Scott's Mom and Dad's for breakfast and another gift exchange. I came home with another throw, a popcorn popper, and a dvd of The Goonies!

On the 29th, Abby was in the living room and hollered there's a deer in our front yard! Now this is not an uncommon site, it's just we usually see them in the bottom or in the neighbors orchard. To see a deer in the front yard, so close to the house, and not just one, but 7! That's a little unusual!
I'm not too sure what our plans for New Years eve is this year. Scott has to work 12 hours on New Years eve and 12 hours New Years day. I don't know if we'll still try to go in to Aunt Kay's for a little while, or if we'll just stay home. I know Scott will have to go to bed early since he has to get up at 3 a.m., but maybe the kids and I will try to stay up. We'll have to wait and see.

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