Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter photos

I can't believe that this was the first year that we did not color eggs, but the last couple of years it was really only Abby doing it by herself, so I thought it was time to stop. Abby was disappointed, so who knows - we may color eggs next year. Even though we didn't color eggs, we did have some fun when it came to taking pictures - and Shane was actually in a picture taking mood, and that is rare!
 The last few holidays I have found some props for us to take our family photo with. We've worn Santa hats, shamrock glasses and green moustaches for St. Patty's day, and this past Christmas we had elf hats for the boys and reindeer antlers for the girls. Well, when I found these bunny masks I knew we had to wear them for Easter. Poor Shane's was so tight on his face, but he was a trooper and kept it on until we got the picture.
 Of course I have to get a good family photo of all of us together.

And then we decided to do our version of awkward family photos - starting with this one of the kids piled on top of each other. Yep - the youngest and biggest is holding all the weight, but he doesn't mind!
For this one we went tallest to smallest - peeking out from behind the person in front. I really didn't expect it to turn out so good, but I think it is my favorite of the group!
 The next two photos are of us trying to do an old time photo with no smiles. It was so  hard trying not to smile when all you wanted to do was laugh - but we got the look we wanted.

For these next 3 photos, we were trying to get it across to Shane that we wanted him to get on his hands and knees so we could make a pyramid. Scott down on his hands and knees to try and show him, but Shane thought he wanted to give him a horsey ride!
 Once again trying with all our might to get Shane in the right position.
 Okay - so he's not on his hands and knees, but it was close enough that Abby could climb on top and I got the picture.
 Abby and I just knew we could hold Matthew up while he was in a posed postion, but dang, he's gotten big! When did that happen?! Our first attempt ended up with us dropping him - yep dropping him on the floor.
 After that we decided he could just lay across our laps in his posed position. That worked much better.
After that we headed to Betty and Duane's for a wonderful meal with the family. It was pretty enough outside that the boys went out and played basketball for a while. I am so ready for warm, sunny days! On the way home we stopped at Dairy Queen and got some ice cream. Shane is not usually a big ice cream eater and it always has to be an ice cream cone. I even gave him a choice between french fries or and ice cream cone and he still picked an ice cream cone, so I knew he really wanted one. We got so tickled at him and his ice cream cone. He did enjoy it!
 I couldn't have asked for a better day with my family. It was the best!

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