Tuesday, September 1, 2009

0 cavities for the Shanester!!

Shane had his first dentist appointment in almost 2 years yesterday. We took him to a new dentist and finally found out what was going on with his teeth. (His last dentist never actually talked to us about his teeth - if anything had to be said it went through one of his assistants so we never knew if his teeth were in good shape, coming in right, etc.) His new dentist and her assistants are so nice and they did everything possible to make it a good experience for Shane. Come to find out Shane did not have a single cavity and they said his teeth look really good and he has plenty of room in the back for his permanent teeth to come in. They said the only thing they saw that was of any concern was some wear on some of his teeth from him grinding them when he sleeps. But that was mostly on his baby teeth and we haven't really noticed him grinding his teeth as much lately. We were so happy that he did so well and that he didn't have a single cavity!! Woohoo!

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