Sunday, August 30, 2009

We survived!

Well, we survived the first full week of school. It all didn't go by without a hitch though. On Saturday night Abby texted to say that her phone charger had quit working and her phone was about dead so she wouldn't get to talk to us until she got a new charger. So Monday evening we ran to Springfield to take her a new charger and see how her first day went. She seems to like college life and the freedom it is bringing with it. She did want to come home over the weekend so we went and got her Friday night and took her back this afternoon. I know she will come home next weekend with it being the holiday weekend and the weekend before her birthday, but after that I'm not sure if she'll want to come home as much.

Matthew had a very good start to the year. He seems to really like all his teachers and thinks he is really going to like science this year. He likes the idea of it being hands on experiments along with the book work. This year they have to decide if they are going to play a band instrument or do math practices. Well he's not real happy about either choice, but has decided to do math practices.

Shane had a good start to the week before everything started going downhill rapidly. He really seemed to like his new aide this year and things were going so well when for some reason they decided to move her to the library and get him a new aide. Oh yeah, that's going to work well for a kid with autism who needs routine. Just when he was getting used to aide #1 they go and change things to aide #2 who was definitely not going to work out. I seen that coming when I heard of who it was. I knew they weren't going to "click". She lasted all of one day before going in and quitting. Then Shane was sick and throwing up Wed. night. I'm still not sure if it was just a bug or if things had upset him so much that it got to that point - if you know what I mean. He missed school Thursday and Friday - so tomorrow we will find out who his new aide is and how they are going to mesh. Hopefully things will work out soon. I don't want this to be a wasted year. He also his a dentist appt. tomorrow afternoon. I'm not sure how that's going to go. Maybe he will surprise us once again!

Gotta go! Big Brother is about to come on and I can't miss that!

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