Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December dailies

So, I have challenged myself. I have heard of something scrapbookers do and have decided to tweak it to suit me! Here's what they do - they make a layout for every single day in December. Now being the slow scrapper I am, I knew that wasn't going to happen, so I thought I would at least try to post my happenings on my blog and maybe one day be able to make the layouts. Well, I also know that posting every day is not going to happen for me (seeing as how it's the 2nd of Dec. already!) so I am going to try to post at least weekly and if I get more than that done, then it's just bonus! At least it should be fun to go back and see what's gone on this month. Here goes...

Today is Wednesday, the 2nd of Dec. The weather decided to turn good and wintery today. The temperature started falling and even though they took snow flurries out of the forecast it decided snow anyway. It just snowed for a couple of hours and didn't stick to the ground at all, but it was still fun to see it snow for the first time this season. The boys were so excited and Shane started singing Frosty and Getting Ready For Christmas and kept asking, "Do you like the snow?" He loves to watch it fall! With the boys Christmas concert at school next week, I am slowly starting to get in the holiday spirit. It even got me in the mood for more snow... did I just say that?!

Matthew told me today that his plastic/recycled robot was in the top 5 for a chance to win a Radio Shack gc or a Wal- Mart gc. He didn't wind up winning a gift card, but I thought top 5 was pretty darn cool. Especially since he had been sick and missed most of the time they had to work on it - he had to do his in one class period. He also told me that it was going to be on display for their fine arts show next week. I can't wait to get a picture of him with his bot! (I've got the perfect paper for it!)
Gotta go for now. I have Christmas cards to make for a card swap. I thought they needed to be mailed out by the 5th, turns out they were supposed to be mailed yesterday. Oops! Will work on them tonight and hopefully remember to take pictures before I mail them out!

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