Monday, March 29, 2010

Some wonderful news & Week 12/52 week challenge

I got the best news last Thursday the 25th. I got a phone call about 1:20 in the afternoon. It was Mrs. Hawkins, the principal at the school. She told me she had Matthew in her office - which made my heart beat a little faster, wondering what in the world had happened. She went on to explain that they have started something new at school called the Star Student of the day and that Matthew had been picked for that day. She told me that Matthew's teacher had written a really nice note about Matthew and wanted to share it with me.
It said: Matthew Stroup tolerates all of his peers even those who other students can't get along with. He is very responsible and respectful... I know I can count on Matthew to do the right thing in academic and social situations. He leads instead of follows and takes himself out of situations when he doesn't feel they are right to be in. When other students are confused, Matthew is willing to help them and does it in a humble way. It is obvious that his parents are very involved with Matthew and taught him morals. Matthew is the type of kid you would be proud to have as a child - when I have children someday I like to think they will be like Matthew -HAHA- if I'm that lucky.
Now I've got to tell you - this brought tears to my eyes. I am always afraid that with everything we have going on with Shane that Matthew may feel like he gets overlooked. It is just so nice to see that other's recognize what an amazing boy he is. I am so proud of him!

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