Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Early morning visitors

One morning last week I heard Fawkes really barking at something outside. I mean really barking. Barking like you know someone or something is out there. When I looked out the window, he was sitting right in front of the door looking across the yard at our neighbor's orchard. I go running through the house to see if I can see whatever it is that he's seeing. As I go through the family room, I see a coyote running across our backyard right by our clothes line. I run to my scraproom to get my camera so I can get a picture of him and there is another one right outside my scraproom window. He just stands there looking back at me as I'm taking his picture, not scared at all. We've seen these two a time or two before, but they have always been down in our field by the tree line and away from our house. Then a couple of weeks before this, I saw them running at the edge of our yard, making their way to the woods. I guess they finally decided to come check out the yard and the house. Heck, they may do this a lot and we just haven't seen them.
We live in the country and seeing wildlife is nothing new. We have deer and turkey in our yard all the time, but I'm not too crazy about having these two guys coming so close!

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