Tuesday, November 11, 2014

LB & Shane

Good Tuesday morning! It looks like the cold weather is moving in to stay for a while. 70's yesterday for highs and today the high is mid 30's - brr! At least we're not getting snow like some places!

Today I have a very special layout about my Dad and Shane.

Anyone that knows Shane, knows that he is not much for company. He usually just stays in his room playing video games or watching his movies. On this particular Saturday he was quite social. Dad had stopped by for a visit and it wasn't long before Shane came in and sat down right beside Dad. With no prompting from anyone Shane said, "Love you, Grandpa". Not just once, but a couple of times! I could tell it really surprised Dad and it made him so happy to have Shane communicating with him. Little moments like this are what we live for!

Thanks for stopping by and stay warm! Until next time...


  1. Oh Lori what a lovely story and love the design of your page. Your dad certainly looks happy! The friends who we go on holiday each year with have an autistic son and it's so nice when you find an activity that he is willing to interact in. Happy Tuesday and keep warm. xx

  2. What an amazing story and a great memory to capture. Love this page!!!