Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The bean bag bounce

Last Sunday was one of those rare days when Shane was in the mood to play with Matthew. Scott and I got so tickled watching them play. They started out by taking turns falling on the bean bags each one trying to outdo the other. There was a time or two when Matthew would do something to make Shane mad - like move the bean bags before Shane could fall on them - but Shane never got mad enough to want to hit. (Shane not hauling off and hitting Matthew is a big improvement recently- thanks to Mrs. Metcalf!)He just made the famous fish face that we have all learned means to get the heck out of the way! Matthew started picking up the bean bags and running into Shane with them. Then they each got a bean bag and would take them and run into each other. I don't know how long they played like that! I think they finally had to quit because Shane was too tired to get back up off the floor. It was just one of those glimpses that we get once in a while of how things would be all the time if Shane didn't have autism. We'll take all these moments we can get! I am planning on these being the pictures for this weeks (week 17) 52 week challenge. Now I just need to get them printed and the layout made!

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  1. Those pictures are great. If you need help with the blog, ask over at Papermice and we can help.
    I think what you have to do is edit this blog, if you copy and paste your edit, I can edit it for you, then you can copy and paste it back in your edit. Make sense? LOL