Saturday, May 16, 2015

It was bound to happen...

My second round of 50 projects is out the window! I fell off the wagon - and hard!

Now some of these things are for prizes that I give out in a group that I do monthly card challenges in, and some are things for some pocket letters that I need to send out (like I needed another addiction!), but for the most part this is for me!

Now in my defense, I don't get to shop at Michael's, JoAnn's, Target, or my awesome "local" scrapbook store - Scrapbook Generation - as they are about an hour away, so when I went I had to take advantage of it. And I didn't even know that Springfield had a Tuesday Morning store until recently, so I had to check that out and see if they had any good deals. I couldn't pass up their paper pads they had that are regularly $14.99 for $6.99, and the 25 packs of paper for $3.99. Yes, they are the same papers, but I picked up the more generic ones that can be used for lots of things.

Hopefully I've got my spending out of my system for a while. I will start over on my second round of 50 Projects. With summer coming it shouldn't be too hard to stick with it!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend - as for me, I plan on getting scrappy!

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  1. Wow Lori that's an amazing haul! I'm so jealous of you US crafters with all your wonderful shops. We have nothing like Michaels or JoAnn's in the UK. I have one very small local shop (45 min drive away!) and the rest is online shopping. I hope you have lots of fun with all your goodies and look forward to seeing lots of creations here on your blog!!