Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I ready to go to the big slide!

We hear this phrase at least a hundred times a day. I am not even kidding. I'm not really sure how Shane came about even knowing about it. The big slide - we found out - is the play area at Burger King. We found this out after driving around town one afternoon trying to figure out what big slide he was talking about. We thought it was the park. We stopped at the park, let him play on the slide and in the fountain only to get back in the car and hear "I ready to go to the big slide". So off we went down restaurant row, (Yes - all the restaurants in Lebanon are on the same street!) driving very slowly until the smile appeared and the finger started pointing. Holy smokes the big slide is at BK - not our favorite place to eat - but we pulled in and decided to give 'em a try again. After 2 weeks of eating at BK we got wise and would go elsewhere to eat and go to BK for the slide - and maybe a milkshake... we felt too guilty just going in to use their playplace! Now every day, every few minutes we hear I ready to go to the big slide - we respond with Friday - Friday we go to the big slide. Over and over and over. And so today we treated Shane to time at the big slide since it's the last day of summer vacation. He's always so good to go right in and play and when we tell him it's time to go, whether it's been 5 minutes of 30 minutes, he is ready to go with no fuss or fight. So, our little guy will get to go to the big slide every week for as long as he likes until the next obsession hits. (Let's hope it's not something at Hardees!) Yeah - he rules us!

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