Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Silver Dollar City

This time last week we were spending the day at Silver Dollar City with Scott's Mom and Dad. We went last year for the first time in ages and the kids really loved it. It was no different this year. We had a beautiful sunny day, but it never seemed to get unbearably hot. Shane loved riding The Great American Plunge - he's been all about the boat and splashy water since the log ride at the fair this year. He also rode The Lost River and the flooded mine. It was really crowded down there this year and the average wait time to ride one ride was between 30 minutes and an hour - so the kids probably didn't get to ride all the rides they wanted! Matthew decided he wanted to ride a roller coaster. He decided to go on Powder Keg since we all told him there was nothing to it. It just goes from 0 to 60 in like 3 seconds. We all got so cracked up at the look on his face at the picture booth - I mean his mouth was wide open like he was screaming in terror but Abby said he wasn't even making a sound. I had to buy the picture when I seen it and will try to get it scanned and posted asap. It is just too funny! Poor kid is never going to listen to us again! Not only was it a scary ride for him, but at the beginning of the ride Abby put her hands in the air and knocked his glasses off his face! Luckily they fell in his lap and she grabbed them and held onto them until the ride was over. After he got off the ride he said his back kind of hurt - then a little later he said, "My back doesn't hurt anymore, but my spirit is broken." He is such a funny little guy. Later that night he said if they played music on the rides the song for the Powder Keg should be "It's the end of the world as we know it". He can laugh about it now, but he says next time the only rides he is going to ride are, The Great American Plunge, The Lost River and The Waterboggen.
Now Abby on the other hand... this girl loves to ride the rides. She and her dad rode Wild Fire, Powder Keg, The Great American Plunge, the Waterboggen, and the barn swing. She would have ridden every ride there if the lines weren't so long. She had a smile on her face the whole time and laughed and giggled while everyone around her was screaming their heads off - Dad included!! She makes the most of her time when she gets to go to amusement parks. It was so much fun! After Silver Dollar City we went to Pizza World - Reilly is the manager - and had some really good pizza! If you are ever in Branson you should try it out. It is really good pizza! Shane and Matthew ate and ate and ate. I guess all those rides worked up an appetite.

It was a really fun day and I can't wait to go back again!

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