Saturday, August 22, 2009

School has started!

I can't believe that school has started again. It seems like the boys just got out of school and here we are making the daily trip to Conway again. Matthew is in the 6th grade - that doesn't seem possible - and Shane is in 3rd grade. He is now on the "upper" hall. I think it's official, I don't have babies anymore! Matthew's teacher is Ms. Johnson. He actually had her last year as his science teacher. He really seems to like her and his classmates. Shane has Mrs. Agee and so far things have gone great for him. He seems to be happy to get back into the school routine. He has a new aide this year and he has really taken to her. She said he even told her "I love you" Friday during story time! That means Shane must really like her! I just hope it keeps going so smoothly!

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