Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve happenings

Well, our New Year's Eve tradition is to go into Aunt Kay's and have pizza and play games all evening and see the new year in with the family. Those plans didn't happen this year since we all have the cough and cold and didn't want to spread it around to everyone else. So, we ordered a couple of pizzas, rented a movie, and played games until after midnight - just us - Scott, Abby, Shawn, Matthew, Shane, and myself. Abby was really feeling bad with a terrible headache and cold, but she still got in and played some games. We took time out to watch the movie, The Perfect Getaway, it was really good, and then finished out the night playing Sequence and Skip-Bo. Shane fell asleep around 11:30, and we were so into our Skip-Bo game that we actually missed seeing the new year in at exactly midnight. We realized it was midnight about 5 minutes after the fact! I cannot imagine a better way of seeing the new year in. Spending time with my family is the best! (Pictures to come soon!)

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