Friday, January 15, 2010


Boy, it just seems like this week has lasted FOREVER! I know it's just getting back into the routine of school and such, but it's been long. It seems like it's taken Shane a bit to get back into the old routine. Usually after Christmas break he's ready to get back into the swing of things. Not this time. It was a struggle to get him to eat breakfast before school on Monday and Tuesday and we even had a few whines when we pulled up to the school. 3 days out of the last 4 he has fallen asleep at school - all things that just doesn't usually happen. So it's been a long week. The boys have to go to school for a snow make up day on Monday, but it will be a short day for them since I have to take Abby to the dr. in the afternoon. Now they won't get another day off until March. March. That seems like such a long way off! I am ready to enjoy the weekend with my family and hopefully get recharged and ready for next week!

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