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The Scrap Room April Shots of Life Kit - Week 20/2020

Hello again! I am back with my second post of the day. If you are looking for my Sketch N Scrap reveal, please scroll down.

Today I am up on The ScrapRoom blog with the layout that I created using the April portion of the Shots of Life kit. Here is a look at the Shots of Life Kit - which I believe is still available at The ScrapRoom:

For my layout today, I have use the cut apart paper from the PinkFresh 'Keeping it Real' collection to document Week 20 of 2020. It is perfect to document any of the happenings of last year - or even just documenting about a bad day.

Here is the left side of the spread:

Week 20 was Abby and Ada's last week of school and it looked a lot different last year thanks to the pandemic. We were a few weeks in with Scott being off of work and at home with us. We were settling in to staying home all the time. Really this wasn't too big of a change for us,  we do not just go - go - go all the time anyway, but having Scott home during the week was different and it took Shane a little time to get used to the routine being changed.

Here are a few close-ups of the page:

I thought the card that said "one day at a time" was perfect for my title card this week. So much was unknown and we were staying home and staying safe. I die cut the sentiment into a circle and I added the day by day puffy sticker to it and added it to a piece of grey patterned paper that I had in my scrap bin.  

Abby took a photo of Ada on her last day of  kindergarten. It makes me a little sad that Ada missed out on so many of the fun things that kindergarteners do. Abby also needed to go to the school to make sure her classroom was in order before the summer break, so I met them at the school to pick up Ada and take her to our house while Abby worked. It was kind of eerie pulling into the school parking lot on the last day of school and there wasn't a soul around. No buses, no excited kiddos, just emptiness. 

I wanted to add a little color so I die cut another circle out of a scrap of pink paper and then layered a couple of stamped labels on top of it for my journaling and added another puffy sticker.

While we were waiting for Abby to come pick up Ada, we went for a walk down the road. I had just gotten a new phone and was wanting to see how the camera was on it so I snapped a photo of Ada on Pops' shoulders.

The bottom photo is of Shane with his new Signing Time video. He had been asking for a specific one - number 10, I think - and we finally found it! He was so happy and went right to watching it - on his tiny dvd player for some reason - and signing right along with it. He used to watch these videos at school and picked up a lot of the signs for different things and is happy to show us what the sign is for certain words - mainly food words!

The multi-colored heart paper was one of the 2 inch squares on the cut apart sheet. I die cut it into a heart and added it to a circle. I kind of wish I had off set the heart on the circle, but it is done now. 

Ada was happy to be able to spend some extra time playing with Pepe! I added another label and puffy sticker to this photo.

Here's a look at the right side of the spread:

I created a journaling card that touched on the "highlights" of the week. I divided each different topic with tiny hearts that I punched from the different papers I used on the spread and finished it off with another puffy sticker.  

The top journaling card talks about how with all of his extra time off - Scott has been looking for old Johnny West toys to collect. They were his favorites as a kid and he has a lot of fun looking for them and reminiscing about the ones he had. 

I stamped the word "currently" at the top of the journaling card and the added the cut apart that said - "look at the bright side." If we're going to be stuck at home we might as well be looking for things to brighten our day!

I had given Ada some money specifically for the ice cream truck. Something for her to look forward to on those long summer days. Abby said the first time she heard the ice cream truck coming down the street she went running out to wait for it to get to their house. It was right before lunch so she had to take it in and put it in the freezer until after she ate her lunch.

I added another die cut circle with the ice cream puffy sticker added to it to finish off the card. 

The photo of Ada above is her painting my fingernails. She decided to turn my scrap room into her spa and she did my nails and gave me a massage. She's pretty darn good at taking care of her Nana!

The photo of  Shane shows just how happy his signing time video made him! He was happy to give me a genuine smile and he kept that smile on his face all day long!

I fussy cut the 'enjoy' banner piece out of the cut apart card sheet and added it to the top of the card. I also added another puffy sticker to his photo. 

I snapped this photo of the sunset one evening. Some days the weight of the unknown was almost unbearable. There was something about this sunset that brought me comfort. Pictures never do justice to sunrise/sunset photos, but I needed the reminder that the world was still turning and things will get better. I think I need to add that little bit of journaling to this photo!

Be sure to check out The ScrapRoom blog for more inspiration. 

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I hope you have a great day!

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